Spiritual United Nations

SUN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting all spiritualists under one umbrella. Currently, those with a spiritual outlook are commonly divided into different groups. SUN will serve as meeting ground through which all such spiritual seekers can harmonize their thoughts and practices, allowing maximum benefit and realization for all. It will help facilitate members in terms of integrating themselves into society at large -- but in a spiritual way -- leading to a positive contribution and a bettering of the world's situation.

Underlying Basis of Spirituality.

Although spirituality ultimately refers to uniting with the divine (yoga) or developing love for a Supreme Being (theism), it is undergirded by a set of pious activities meant to elevate the level of one's consciousness. At the basis of this elevation one finds the following four principles:

       Truthfulness (Honesty).
       Cleanliness (Purity).
       Self Control (Austerity).
       Compassion (Mercy).